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Terra d’Oro Winery is open daily from 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. for tasting, retail sales and general delight.

Reservations are required for ALL Limos, and groups of 6 or more. We do not accept Busses.

How to get to Terra d’Oro Winery

From U.S. 50 take Watt Avenue south.

Once on Watt Avenue south, go through about three traffic signals (1 _ miles) to Jackson Road/Highway 16. Take a left on Jackson Road.

Stay on Jackson Road/Highway 16 for 31 miles until you reach Plymouth.

In Plymouth, take the last right turn in town which is Fiddletown/Shenandoah Road. Before the intersection, there is a sign to Fiddletown/River Pines. At this intersection you'll see the El Dorado Savings Plaza on the southeast corner. If you leave Plymouth and find yourself crossing the Cosumnes River, you've gone too far.

Proceed a quarter mile on Fiddletown/Shenandoah Road to where the road splits. Bear to the left at the split and continue out towards the Shenandoah Valley. Less than two miles from the split, turn right on Shenandoah School Road. At that corner (Shenandoah Road and Shenandoah School Road) on the left, you'll see a Terra d’Oro sign and Rinehart's Ironworks.

Terra d’Oro is two miles up Shenandoah School Road on the right side.

Email:     Phone: 209.245.6942